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International Medical Administrator and International Welfare Administrator are international certifications granted to receipt administrators who seek to actively engage in the complex and global international society.
International Medical Administrator

International Welfare Administrator

​Background to the creation of these certificates 

This certification was created as an international certification for strategic management. Currently, various countries are expanding their businesses related to healthcare and welfare beyond their borders, leading to an increase in business growth and partnerships between countries. The international business development is gaining momentum as the cross-border patient mobility with the neighboring countries, and the prevalence of international online healthcare are growing.

In countries where such developments are noticeable, businesses focus on how to increase the revenue through international perspective, such as hospitals attracting people/patients seeking better healthcare from around the world. With regards to these trends, it is expected that there will be an increase in partnerships proposed by facilities from other countries.

Missions of International Medical Administrator and International Walfare Administorator

The mission of International Medical Administrator and International Welfare Administrator can be summarized in the following four points.

1. Contribute to the development of your own country by learning advanced medical care, welfare technology, and services from overseas. Additionally, contribute to the development of other countries by utilizing one's own country's outstanding technologies and services.


2. Engage in international activities by using this certificate. Directly interact with practitioners and researchers from medical and welfare organizations abroad to receive guidance and insights about the exceptional management strategies, medical and welfare services to utilize it in your own workplace in your country.


3. Actively engage in networking with other individuals who also have obtained this certification both within and outside your country and build connections related to management strategies. Furthermore, leverage these connections to conduct sustainable business activities on a global scale, akin to medical and welfare institutions abroad, operating on a worldwide or global level.


4. Deepen the understanding of overseas medical and welfare systems through training programs, as well as on-site visits aimed for individuals with this certification.



This certification is a federal certification in corrabolation with foreign institutions. It is not a certification recognized by a single country's association.


For the time being, the qualification process will be conducted by the following organizations in the three countries listed below.


1 Japan (JSIHC)

2 Taiwan (Shuden Medical Group)

3 Sweden (SMCI: Sweden MediCare Institute)

Methods for obtaining certification

There are two ways to obtain certifications: (A) through the exam below, and (B) by applying to become a receipt administrator.

(A) Acquisition by exam (Currently being prepared. We will notify you once the starting date has been decided)


The certification exam will be administered, and upon successful completion, the certifications of International Medical Administrator and International Welfare Administrator will be granted.


The exam consists of an academic exam and foreign language exam.


Qualifications for taking the exam: Qualified medical and welfare professionals (e.g., doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, clinical laboratory technicians, radiology technicians, clinical engineers, emergency medical technicians, etc.) Those with medical qualifications or welfare qualifications such as certified social workers, certified mental health workers, certified care workers, etc.) are eligible to take the exam. As the qualification names may vary by country, please inquire for more information.


Academic exam 45 minutes

Foreign language exam 45 minutes


(B) Special conditions that receipt administrators can obtain through application


a) Must be a receipt administrator


Furthermore, more than one of the following conditions b) to e) must be met.


b) Must have attended more than once in the international academic conference held annually by the Japan Society of Health Insurance Claims (JSIHC), received training in the international program, and submitted a report in English. However, those who presented their research locally are not required to submit a report.


c) Participated online more than three times in the international academic conference hosted by the Japan Society of Health Insurance Claims (JSIHC) every year. Specified English documents must be submitted at the time of application.


d) Have given at least one research presentation in English during the online conference mentioned above.


e) In principle, we do not allow other academic organizations to participate in international activities. But if the content of the international program is reviewed and approved by our academic reviewers, we will approve it according to procedures. In that case, a separate examination fee will be collected.


(The above information has been taken from the JSIHC's website)


Please refer to the JSIHC's website for detailed information on the application process, validity period of the certificate, and other related topics.

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